Elegance coral not opening

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Elegance coral not opening

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G = the precious stone coral. T = coral Merhamet. H = Pearl or coral. Saar-rah (sahr-RAH ) not "sarah". P=opening bud. M = beauty, elegance, adornment
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. 177 x 42 x 40 cm Prospekt „Elegance“ Leaflet „Elegance“ Prospectus. 18 mm 2278 657 6 St Koralle|Coral Corallo|Coral Koraal.


Flowers small (33 mm) coral-pink..fading to orange-salmon center. Red-bronze leaves to 2.2 cm.(Karleen´s Achimenes list – flower has much sheen and substance...leaves red-bronze, height medium (22 cm). Faint gold in throat opening.

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